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brew tours?

We love craft beer. And that’s how it all started.

With what seems like a new brewery popping up every day in the Monmouth and Ocean County areas, we began to offer brew tours to our local breweries as a new service through our Limousine company. Why? We believe that craft beer is best enjoyed the following ways:

  • Together - With your friends, family, co-workers and fellow beer fanatics.

  • Safely - With a background checked, drug tested designated driver.

  • As a Tour - Visiting multiple breweries at a time to sample multiple locations offerings.

So grab your friends, family, co-workers or anyone that loves trying new beer and book a Jersey Shore Brew Tour! We can’t wait to hear from you!


- brent, owner - jersey shore brew tour

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booking Hours

M-F 8a - 8p
Sa-Su 12p–8p

brew of the month (october)


double brownie - abv 10.1%

From their website - “Our roasty, toasty, easy drinking imperial brown ale. It's our Bond Street Brownie recipe doubled, for twice the fun!”

Let me guess, you thought it was going to be a Pumpkin beer, right? I tried this one when DCBC made it in a small batch one weekend over the summer. It was so good I wanted to spike the glass it was in, but then I thought, “Wow, this would be even better in the fall/winter time!”, which is why I made it the Brew of the Month for October instead of a Pumpkin beer. BTW I did not spike the glass.


Tour types

The "Three Hour" Tour

This is our basic tour that consists of a visit to Raritan Bay Brewing, Belford Brewery and Carton Brewing. This is the perfect tour for a Thursday or Friday evening!

what's included:

  • Visit to three (3) awesome breweries

  • JSBT Beer Coozies for all travelers


The "Hoppy Trails" Tour

Fancy yourself a true "Brew Connoisseur"? Try our Hoppy Trails tour! On this tour we visit all the breweries from the Three Hour Tour, plus Jughandle, Asbury Park Brewery and Dark City Brewery! Please note that this tour is only available on weekends, due to brewery hours of operation.

What's Included:

  • Visit to six (6) awesome breweries

  • JSBT Beer Coozies for all travelers

  • Free Burritos for everyone at 10th Ave Burrito in Belmar!


The "Brewcathalon"

Let's make a day of it! Our Brewcathalon is only for those who can handle themselves. On this tour we will visit all the breweries from the Three Hour and Hoppy Trails tours plus: Beach Haus, Frye and Last Wave, for a total of NINE breweries! Please note that this tour is only available on weekends, due to brewery hours of operation.

what's included:

  • Visit to NINE (9) awesome breweries

  • JSBT Beer Coozies for all travelers

  • Free Burritos for everyone at 10th Ave Burrito in Belmar!


the fleet

11 Passenger Mercedes Sprinter Limousine

Our most popular Sprinter van is outfitted with a wet bar, (2) built in flat panel TVs, an insane sound system, double stitched Bentley style leather seating and a privacy divider. Stock up the built in coolers with your favorite offerings from the tour and enjoy them in transit or bring a cooler and we'll store it in the massive rear luggage area for your convenience. Feel like performing? Fire up a YouTube karaoke video and belt it out with your friends. It's what those dividers were invented for.


13 Passenger Ford Transit Shuttle Van

Our most economical option, our Ford Transit Shuttle is ideal for groups of all the way up to 13. This heavy duty high top vehicle offers extended height which makes getting in and out a breeze. Bucket seating all around, this van is a perfect way to visit our breweries.


brewery listing

What makes a perfect brew tour? amazing breweries. don’t see the one you want on here? we can always add a brewery to our list of visits on your tour.


Raritan Bay Brewing, Keansburg

This Brewery is located in a brick front historic 125 year old building. They offer a wide range on tap from Stouts to Saisons.


Carton Brewing, Atlantic Highlands

Carton Brewing Company is a well known brewery out of the Atlantic Highlands that boasts an immense selection of unique and creative stouts, ales, IPAs and more.


Jughandle Brewery, Tinton Falls

They are a seven barrel brewery that boasts a solid selection featuring a double IPA called "4057" amongst a variety of others!


Asbury Park Brewing, Asbury Park

These guys have some amazingly delicious beers - we personally love their extremely sessionable "4/4" IPA.


Dark City Brewing Company, Asbury Park

Located in the heart of Asbury Park, we love checking out the small batches they prepare for weekend visitors.


Beach Haus, Belmar

With some awesome local BYOB dining options within walking distance, a visit to Beach Haus is the perfect way to cap off or keep a trip to Belmar going the right way.


Bradley Brew Project, Bradley Beach

A recent addition to the line up of incredible shore breweries, the Bradley Brew Project has become a frequent request from many of our clients as an added stop.


Last Wave, Point Pleasant

Last Wave, located on Bay Avenue in Point Pleasant, was founded by two lifelong friends, Bert and Nick, who wanted to infuse surf culture with craft beer.


You've got Q's we've got A's. Well folks, the first one is obvious - Yes. You must be 21 years of age or older to participate in a Jersey Shore Brew Tour. We ID prior to boarding and every member of the group, whether they will be drinking or not, must be 21 years of age, otherwise we do not start the tour, nor will we refund the deposit. We take underage drinking very seriously and we have far too much respect for the breweries and venues we visit to allow it to occur on their premises.

Q: I don't see the brewery I'd like to visit here - can we go there?

A: We can, as long as it works into your itinerary! Unfortunately, some of the breweries are not open to group visits. While this limits where we can go on tours, the good news is that the majority of breweries are group friendly! We can also change the order of the breweries we visit

Q: Do you do public tours?

A: We do not. All of our tours are private and door to door. If you’d prefer taking a public tour, there are other brew tour services that offer this local to us.

Q: Are flights included in the tours?

A: We do not include flights in your tour package pricing. We do, however, include amazing burritos from 10th Avenue Burrito in Belmar and JSBT Coozies! *Please note - Burritos and Coozies are only included on the Hoppy Trails and Brewcathalon tours!

Q: What breweries do you go to?

A: Our standard tours visit Raritan Bay Brewing, Carton Brewing, Belford Brewing Company, Jughandle Brewing Company, Dark City Brewing Company, Beach Haus, Frye and Last Wave. Breweries can be added or subtracted from your itinerary - pricing of the tour may be affected depending on how many additional breweries your group wants to visit.

Q: What days are the tours held?

A: Tours are held Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Our Three Hour Tour is available on T, F, Sat and Sun while our Hoppy Trails and Brewcathalon are WEEKEND only (due to brewery operating times).

Q: What do the tours cost?

A: Pricing can be found on our reservations page. All of the rates are all inclusive - this means gratuity is already included for your driver!

Q: Do you come pick us up or do we come to you?

A: We come to you with all of our tours. We do not currently offer public tours with public pickup points. All of our tours are private.

Q: Can my group bring beer into the vehicle?

A: Our Sprinter Limousines are equipped with wet bars that you can stock with you favorite beverages. There are also cups stocked and we supply ice on all tours. You may bring beer into any of the vehicles, but we do have pretty stiff policies on clean up and damage so be gentle and neat if you're going to drink en route!

Q: Can we drink in the vehicle?

A: You are permitted to drink in our Sprinter Limousine or Ford Transit vans. Drinking is not permitted in our Lincoln Navigator.

Q: Is there a cancellation penalty? 

A: Only if you cancel within 72 hours of the tour. There is a $100.00 non-refundable deposit required at the time of booking that we would keep. We do this because we block time out for your tour and once that time is spoken for, it would be very hard to rebook a tour on that short of notice.

Q: We're having so much fun! When the tour is over can we go somewhere else?

A: Schedule permitting, we can continue along with your group to destinations outside of the scheduled tour. We do offer complimentary Burritos at 10th Ave. Burrito Company in Belmar, NJ on our Hoppy Trails and Brewcathalon Tour packages!

Q: Can I bring beer from other breweries into the brewery we are currently heading to?

A: Absolutely not. We ask that you leave all your open beer in the vehicle when going into each brewery. It will be there when you get back.

Q: What kind of insurance do your vehicles have?

A: Each of our vehicles is covered under a $1.5 million dollar liability policy.

Q: Are your vehicles safe?

A: Our vehicles are NJ DOT approved and we only put new models on the road. Safety is literally our number one priority. Check out our blog for a post we did on our vehicles here.

Q: I'd like to take the tour, but my date is showing as unavailable. What do I do?

A: As our tours are growing in popularity, we are definitely backlogged a bit - we will do the best we can to work with you to accommodate on another date if possible.

Q: It's snowing like crazy!! Is the tour still on?

A: We do reserve the right to cancel any tours due to inclement weather. Your safety, our driver's safety and the safety of our vehicles are our TOP priority. If we feel the weather is just too much, we will cancel a tour and any deposit will be refunded.

Q: Do I HAVE to take the tour of the brewery?

A: YES, you DO! It's required by State Law and all breweries have this policy in place. You cannot sample a single beverage without doing the tour. Most of the tours are 30 seconds long unless you opt to see more or ask additional questions of the brewmaster.

Q: How long does the entire Brew Tour take from start to finish?

A: Typically, you will spend only a few minutes touring the facility and then some time trying the brews. We try to allow for one hour at each brewery, so you can spend less time at some and more at others if you'd like. Either way, we don't want you to feel rushed! Fortunately, our brew tours are performed in our gorgeous luxury SUVs and vans, which makes getting to them MUCH more enjoyable! 

Q: We partied too hard and things got really messy/broken inside - is there a clean up/damage fee?

A: We understand that groups may make a mess and we are fully prepared on our end to clean up the usual chips, crumbs, bags etc. We do draw a line however when it comes to blatant abuse/carelessness or destruction of our beautiful vehicles. In the event that there is damage to any equipment in the vehicle (TV's, Audio, Flooring, Seating) that we deem to be beyond reasonable cleaning, we will repair at the cardholders on files expense. Human bodily fluid clean up falls into this category and will be subject to an additional $250.00 detail fee.